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Indians Kipnis Discussed Extension Previous Two Springs - RealGM Wiretap
The Cleveland Indians reached an agreement on a long-term extension with Jason Kipnis last week Wholesale Jerseys , but this spring wasn't the first time the topic was broached.

The two sides engaged in talks the two previous springs, but reached the regular season without an agreement both years. The third time proved to be the charm, even if Kipnis became more costly after a breakout 2013 season.

"I hate to say it, but if they could've come up a couple million from their previous offers the last two years, they probably could have had me for a lot cheaper," Kipnis said.

"But when you put together a good season like that, your value goes up. I think both sides were eager to get something done and it worked out well this spring."

Bryant To See Action In Left Field For Cubs - RealGM Wiretap

The Chicago Cubs will play top prospect Kris Bryant in left field on Thursday.

Bryant has played third base and was the designated hitter while limited because of fatigue in his right shoulder in Cactus League games this spring.

"My biggest concern Cheap Jerseys Wholesale , always, with infielders going to the outfield and vice-versa is arm -- that you would hurt your arm because you would chose to use different arm stroke," Joe Maddon said.

Bryant has made a case to make Chicago's Opening Day roster. He has nine home runs this spring.

Harrison Rangers Agree To Five Year $55M Deal - RealGM Wiretap

The Rangers have agreed to terms with Matt Harrison on a five-year, $55 million contract.

Harrison passed a physical on Wednesday.

The deal will take up Harrison's final two arbitration-eligible years and his first three years of free agency.

It includes a $13.25 million option for 2018 that could go up by as much as $2 million depending on incentives. The option includes a $2 million buyout. Harrison can vest the option if he pitches 200 or more innings in each of the final three years of the contract.

Original article by Jamie McIntyre published in 21st Century News.

Local businesses should be given the opportunity to grow as small business is the engine room of an economy. Helping small to medium businesses expand and grow will help create more jobs and profits for local regions.

As an entrepreneur I recognise the significance of small businesses. Over the years I have been the founder of 12 businesses and own half a dozen farms in New England, Northern NSW where I grew up which has helped me develop a greater understanding of how important businesses are to communities.

A government that routinely attacks the business community and attacks Australias wealth creators is not productive or necessary.

They can hardly claim to represent Australian workers as to look after workers you must look after small to medium businesses that employ most workers.

The other problem in Australia is that only 16 per cent or 33 of the 226 Federal MPs have any entrepreneurial or executive or management level experience.

This is something that needs to change.

Unfortunately, we have career politicians most of whom have never worked a day in their life in a real job or never started a business and created any jobs.

I have created over a dozen companies and employed hundreds and hundreds of Australians, plus as a leading educator inspired trained and helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs create jobs.

Having a PhD in results is more valuable than those career politicians with a PhD in theory. Many of these politicians think they are above the average Australian with their elitism and political snobbery.

We need people who have produced results in their own lives and not have a political scenario with unionists on one side of politics and lawyers on the other. People with financial skill sets and entrepreneurial experience are the ones who should be managing the economy of the country.

The current economic situation that has a debt of $274 billion and rising is a matter of concern.

Despite going through one of the greatest commodities boom in our nations history; instead of having a large sovereign wealth fund akin to Norway and Dubai Cheap NFL Jerseys , we not only have no money in a fund but a $274 billion debt.

It is apparent that the unions and this Government arent looking at the interest of the Australian workers.

To truly represent Australian workers as mentioned you must be supportive of small to medium size businesses as they create jobs and if they achieve long-term profitability it leads to long term sustainable pay rises for workers.

I also dont support our countrys welfare addiction.

It should not be about supporting hand-outs, it should be about hand-ups. Why destroy peoples lives through welfare when business start-up grants and up-skilling education is the key to creating thousands of new businesses and hundreds of thousands of new jobs and getting people off the addiction and soul destroying effects of welfare.

We live in a rich country that already has the money to have the best roads, best health services and the best education systems and the best infrastructure.

The only reason we dont is due to the sheer wastage in all 3 levels of Government and bureaucracy where taxpayers money is routinely abused and wasted funding fat cat managers in the Government who produce little value.

The luck will run out for the lucky country and if we dont get rid of (quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger) the ‘economic girlie men, Australia will face an uncertain future that will see millions of Australian jobs outsourced overseas at a rapid rate and a rapid fall on living standards for many.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was unable to manage our economy through the greatest commodities boom ever, racking up $274 billion in debt largely from sheer wastage and failed policy.

How will Rudd m.

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