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top fashion trends Nike Special Field Air Force 1 Pas Cher , Wellington Boots started out for practicality but have recently become a fashionable boot to wear.
The Wellington boot, also known as rubber-boots Nike Air Force 1 07 Basse Pas Cher , wellies, or rainboots among other names were first created and popularized in the late 1700s early 1800s by the Duke of Wellington who wanted a boot that was similar to the Hessian boot worn by both the military as well as civilians. Stiff leather boots were not the best choice to wear especially when worn on wet rainy days which were and are so common in England where the Duke lived. Hessian boots were low heeled leather boots with a semi-pointed toe that made to be easy to wear when feet were in the stirrups of horses. Generally these boots go to right below the knee so that the entire bottom of the leg is covered but walking and bending of the knee is not hindered. The Duke wanted a soft leather boot that was simple and hugged the calf as opposed to the heavily tasseled wide Hessian boot that most men wore. Modern Wellington boots are waterproof and are most often made from either rubber or PVC
Those who work outdoors in the mud as well as miners Nike Air Force 1 07 Mid Pas Cher , around chemicals, in food plants  Nike Air Force 1 07 Haute Pas Cher , and around electronics wear this type of boots for function and ease. The first mainstream wearers of these boots were equestrians as well as spend time outdoors in the garden or other muddy areas. While these people did wear the boots for function they also could socialize with others with these boots on without having to look out of place.
Hunter is probably the leader in Wellington boots. A Scottish company who has had a large British following for a few centuries and recently has begun having a global following is the leader in fashion and modern Wellington trends. The classic Wellington is quite similar to the original ones designed by the Duke of Wellington though they are now much more lightweight, made of natural leather Nike Air Force 1 07 Pas Cher , have a quick dry lining, and a cushioned foot bed for comfort. Another major change for these boots is that they are available in so many different colors. Hunter has also expanded on these boots and made variations for children Nike Air Force 1 Noir Blanche Pas Cher , those with shorter legs ( the original ones will buckle behind the knees if too tall ) , versions with wider calves Nike Air Force 1 Noir Mid Pas Cher , and even wedge heels.
After the success of Hunter other brands have jumped in to the world of Wellies. You can find less functional but still stylish ones from many brands and many even have entered the world of pattern wellie style boots. Top American and British designers have also designed these boots with their own spin.
Wellies can be worn with riding pants, skinny legging or jeans tucked in Nike Air Force 1 Noir Basse Pas Cher , with a skirt or dress, and so many different ways. These boots can be found for around twenty dollars all the way up to hundreds of dollars depending on who made them. These boots are perfect year round though in cold weather it may be bet to switch to a heavier boot with better insulation.

CANBERRA, July 12 (Xinhua) -- Australia's most iconic native animal, the kangaroo, causes more road accidents in the nation than all other animals combined, according to new data.

Statistics released by one of Australia's leading general insurance providers -- AAMI -- revealed that kangaroos are responsible for nine out of 10 road accidents involving animals.

AAMI analyzed almost 20,000 reported road claims made in 2015 and found that kangaroos accounted for 88 percent of the accidents, while wallabies (6 percent), wombats (3 percent) and dogs (2 percent) made up the most common animal collisions in Australia.

Kangaroos are large marsupials that are found only in Australia. They are well known for their ability to jump and carry their babies, called joeys, in their pouch. Estimates of Australia's kangaroo population vary between 30 and 60 million. They can be spotted in the wild in most rural parts of Australia.

AAMI spokesman, Michael Mills, said collisions between vehicles and animals on Australian roads jumped by 68 percent in winter, peaking in the period of June and August, with a major spike in July.

"Shorter days during winter mean we're on the roads more at times when animals are on the move, and combined with poor weather conditions and reduced visibility, make the chances of hitting an animal more likely," Mills said in an AAMI statement on Tuesday.

"Colliding with an animal is a frightening and traumatic experience, especially if the animal is injured or killed, and can result in serious damage or injury."

Mills said accidents could pose a serious danger to both the drivers and the animals.

"It's vital that drivers keep a lookout for wildlife on the road, particularly on country roads and rural and regional areas near national parks and forests," he said on Tuesday.

"Wildlife is unpredictable and can appear out of nowhere so it's important to slow down and be aware of your environment, particularly inside sign posted wildlife areas."

AAMI's data showed that the majority of animal related crashes happen towards the latter part of the week, with Friday being the worst day.

The analysis pinpointed the worst spots in the nation for animal-related collisions, with Queanbeyan in southeast New South Wales (NSW) being named the road-kill capital of Australia.

The Victorian city of Bendigo, the Queensland town of Dingo and the NSW town of Singleton and city of Goulburn rounded out the worst five hotspots for animal accidents in the country.

NAIROBI Nike Air Force 1 Noir Pas Cher , Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- Wrangles and supremacy battles within Kenyan sports federations have over the years taken blame for freefall performances by national teams that have sometimes even seen leagues and competitions winding up.

This is the fate that befell the former vibrant sport of body building in Kenya, and after years in oblivion Nike Air Force 1 Blanche Basse Pas Cher , the sport is on a revamp in the country.

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