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LONDON adidas superstar 80s nere , Sept. 20 (Xinhua) -- A statue of a homeless "bag lady" crafted out of one million pounds worth of old bank notes from the Bank of England has gone on display this weekend at the Museum of Liverpool.

The art work, called "Eleanor", is inspired by a chance encounter between Liverpool-born artist Leonard J Brown and an elderly lady, and a character from one of the most famous songs by the pop group adidas supercolor blu elettrico , The Beatles, called Eleanor Rigby.

Brown said the aim of his creation was to depict wealth and poverty. The old woman is described as a "bag lady" -- a name given to a poor and homeless woman.

The 1.57 meter work depicts the bag lady who, according to the Beatles song, died "without a penny to her name."

The artist said adidas superstar supercolor rosa , "The sculpture serves to show people that money isn't the only way to make you happy and we should all be thankful for what we have."

"There are people in every town and city like Eleanor Rigby who live a lonely life and whose only worldly goods are kept in the bags that they carry."

"I asked the Bank of England to supply me with a million pounds worth of bank notes basically, and after many emails and telephone calls I was invited to the bank to collect it," said Brown.

It took six months to create the sculpture, using old 10-pound adidas superstar bianche e argento , 20-pound and 50-pound bank notes.

After successfully negotiating the handover of the banknotes with the Bank of England, Brown was eventually given the notes in the form of shredded pellets. Around 300,000 pound of the pellets were used to fill the sculpture's chest cavity, while the remainder were mashed and moulded to a steel frame.

The new sculpture has made its debut this weekend in the atrium of the Museum of Liverpool where it will remain on show until January adidas superstar nere e bianche uomo , 2015.

The song, Eleanor Rigby, was included in The Beatles' 1966 album, Revolver adidas superstar bianche e nere 37 , and was also released as a single.

Paul McCartney said he got the name "Eleanor Rigby" by combining the name Eleanor from an actress of that name who appeared in a Beatles film, with the name of a company he spotted by chance, Rigby and Evens -- hence Eleanor Rigby.

Beatles' fans prefer the more interesting version that the song was inspired by a tombstone bearing the name Eleanor Rigby, standing in a graveyard just yards from where McCartney was first introduced to the Beatles' lead singer adidas superstar oro e nere , John Lennon in 1957. The tombstone of Eleanor Rigby remains a 'must' on Beatle tours around Liverpool.

Fruit trees are often enchanting in any garden and are pleasurable to observe. It can be a miracle how the once lifeless winter twigs are metamorphosed in the spring into clouds of blossom ready to turn into fruit later on.

You will not need ‘green fingers’ to successfully raise fruit trees in your garden. Fruit trees require a few simple conditions to keep them in tip top condition that can easily be provided by almost anyone.

The Fall Through Springtime

Secure the trees, especially the young ones by putting in a net around their base. This particular strategy prevents rats and rabbits from damaging the tree. Those hungry animals typically try to feed from the tree during the winter, as their usual daily supply of food is often limited during winter.

When your garden is getting plenty of snow, the trunks of young fruit trees in particular must be painted with a white latex paint diluted 50% with water. This will stop the trunk heating up in the rays of reflected sun light and resulting in damage.. During the night adidas superstar bianche e oro , the cold air will encircle the trunk and it will often crack it. This may be a dangerous circumstance, because those cracks are perfect places for insects that can eat your tree alive.

As winter turns to spring, you can try a bit of pruning if possible on a settled day when the air temperature is at least 4 deg C. Garden shears can be used to give the tree a nice design but make sure to keep the crown of the tree clear of growth and to give horizontal branches 10-15 cms space all round.

Hold your tree free of dead or diseased branches by trimming them off with a clean cut. When any shoots show up cut them off too. Leave the main horizontal branches alone since these are the ones that can produce fruit. The vertical branches need to be trimmed back to the same length as the horizontal branches because a symmetrical tree will produce the most fruit.

Remember to water the trees. If you want healthy plant life, you must water the trees to ensure that they grow strong and can fight the harmful insects and the diseases adidas superstar tutte nere , especially when the buds start to grow. This is essential if you want to have delectable fruit maturing in spring and summer.

If you want the branches to grow straighter, then train them with a guide. Never allow the horizontal branches to get so close that they shade out the light source from each other. The greater light they get then the more fruit they are able to produce. When your tree or trees are in their fourth year you may then consider improving their fruiting efficiency by opening up the branches. This can be done using a manually operated spreading tool or you could attach one tree to another using ropes.

Pollination is an essential element of the growing procedure. During the time the fruits are typically growing, you can improve its efficiency by applying a special substance (usually available from your local store) to the trees that draws the bees. It is recommended to add this to the trees only following sundown, or in the early morning hours.

If your looking for a 964A Fungasol Shampoo Quart – Part #: 444964A or other Equine Grooming  adidas superstar tutte bianche , we have a large selection at KuhlStores.

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