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Is e-Learning in Trouble?

First of all Authentic Addison Russell Jersey , e-learning means “electronic” learning. That covers a wide variety of topics, utilizing a wide variety of tools and platformsrom handheld devices and electronic pads to desktop computers, and from standalone applications to web-based coursework.

One might think that the trend toward more e-learning would be accelerating, what with the recent recession, the threat of a new recession and more people out of work. The trend of Google searches for “e-learning” has been in a steady decline for the last seven years. The decline may be slowing, but when it gets close enough to zero, “slowing” doesn’t mean much.

E-learning certainly has many advantages. It has the convenience of being available on a student’s computer, especially if connected to the internet. In the corporate environment Authentic Jason Heyward Jersey , though, one danger to e-learning is the idea that the training is always available, so why rush it? Procrastination can be a major killer, especially in an environment where many other things seem to take a higher priority. Perhaps the “time management” class should be their first priority.

Outside the office, those who remain out of work might already have tried e-learning. Perhaps they did not find sufficient conversion from completed e-learning to the very desirable goal of landing a new job. And perhaps the right courses were not available, or the courses taken did not carry sufficient weight with the hiring managers they visited.

The funny thing about trends, though, is that the pendulum can sometimes swing in the opposite direction as new approaches and new technology are implemented. And when trend statistics are bandied about Authentic Ben Zobrist Jersey , one needs to consider the possibility that some critical factors may not have been included. Take the Google “e-learning” trend, mentioned above. It could very well be that people are searching for the subject using a different term. And what do you know? The keyword “online training courses” is now on an uptrend and remaining far higher than most of the previous four years. Perhaps e-learning isn’t so dead after all.

Could e-learning be improved? Most assuredly it could. There was a great deal of fuss made a couple of years ago about e-learning 2.0, but how does that translate into marketable skills? Some have talked about “game learning,” and while the idea holds some promise, we have yet to see it live up to that promise.

Perhaps the next great thing in e-learning will prove to be the “art” of the marketplace. The trick might be to consolidate all the myriad sources of e-learning under one “supermarket” roof, so to speak. One other thing about search trends that can be misleading is that the people who wanted to find something may now have already found it. In other words, they no longer have a need to search for it. With a marketplace for all things related to e-learning, the individual who has a hankering for learning new things has their location already bookmarked.

Edmund writes articles for OpenSesame

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