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How to buy gold on old school runescape?

Previously, odds staking was a huge problem but unknown to the majority of the players. It was also referred to as ‘X-staking’. To further understand this, let’s take a look at an example. Assuming two players are staking, one with all 99s, and the second player with all 99s except 98 defence. The 99 defense player wants to stake for 10 million GP. The 98-defence player puts up a stake for 9 million GP due to lacking a defence level. Whilst we won’t go into the exact maths and formulas here, the lacking of 1 defence level does not make a 10% difference, and most players don’t understand this. The stake should be 10 million to 9.8 million, or something similar to that.
Fortunately, odds staking is no longer an issue in official stakes. Jagex only allows stakes to have a value of (plus or minus) 10k GP between each other. In addition, with this update, they introduced a tax to all stakes. If you stake between 1 GP to less than 10 million GP, you are taxed at 0.25%. 10 million GP to less than 100 million GP is staked at 0.50%. 100 million GP or higher are taxed at a staggering 1.00%. The sole purpose of this taxation is to act as a gold sink – to remove gold from the economy, to reduce inflation. As a result, trillions are removed from the game every day, to counter-balance shops and high alchemy introducing GP in.
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Many people will try to scam you through this but through unofficial means. There are underground stakers who do these stakes by actually submitting nothing through the stake interface. They use middlemen and clans to do these stakes for the purpose of avoiding taxation, meaning both parties trade the GP to a ranked middleman. It is not recommended to participate in this whatsoever unless you completely know what you are doing, and if you do, don’t fall for odds staking.

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