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new balance 860V9

You got me on this one. My father new balance 860V9 was the original jogger in the early seventies, and we used to drive to Boston to buy New Balance. Starting with a pair of orange suede New Balance I bought in 1998, I have worn nothing else since. In addition to the style I wear for very occasional jogging which I replace every three years or so, I buy a new pair of retro-ish New Balance every couple of years which I first wear for going out, then work, then bicycling around town, and eventually for gardening and doing stuff with my kids. They are in pretty bad shape before they fall out of the rotation all together.

As far as shoes are concerned, I think two white people favorites have been new balance 996 ignored: Vans and Docs. Us white folk loves us some Vans and Docs. I wear em till there wore completely out. But, I don't think I have ever owned a pair of new balance in my whole life; I don't think I even new balance sale know anyone who has new balance shoes. Oh well, I don't have a gay friend either, maybe it's a genetic defect. I'll live.

I have really high arches on my feet and when first turned onto New Balance by a shoe store employee it was because they accommodate foot sizes with really high arches. Then again he was a white guy, the shoe store was in Manhattan, I was living in Brooklyn at the time, right around the corner from a micro brewery. Guilty as charged.Yes, there's new balance softball cleats some serious brand loyalty in the white community for these sneaks. And Asics give them a serious run for their money. My brother, a marathon runner, has bought only Asics for the past 8 years, and I'm sure there are plenty of white runners who've done the same with New Balance. I thought they were only girl shoes for the longest, but apparently those teal and marine blue colors are meant for men too.

White people from what I've seen tend to care more about comfort versus style. Nikes are generally more stylish and hip than than New Balance. It's like having a Saturn instead of having a snazzy foreign convertible. Why many people wear New Balance also has to do with they are the only sneakers that come in various widths! Triple EEE for narrow feet and extrawide witdths  anyone with flat feet and no arch or high arches and narrow LOVE these sneakers since you new balance fresh foam 1080 can find shoes that fit perfectly.

I thought you should know that real runners don't wear new balance. In fact, we look down on "runners" who do. Real runners don't care how the fuck their shoes are made as long as they can train for their marathon injury free. If that means that my quick dry, insta-drain webbing has to be hand woven by a 2 year old (bless those tiny fingers) in a bottomless pit, then so be it.I have New Balance shoes because another white person who is [img]http://www.utbpamporovo.com/images/look/new balance fresh foam 1080-955amv.jpg[/img] a personal trainer and co-model recommended them to me.

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