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At present nike juvenate olive , their families and the school is the amount of the aftermath and Compensation consultations. afterwards, many teachers know, run ahead of what the teacher did not swim. Students move to what the teacher that she be surprised what the teacher is such a person! Heartache aftermath these two days, the school teachers and students in addition to in Dandan heartache mourning, but also word of mouth and praise a person, that is, high-grade geography teacher, He Jin. this child get good grades, beautiful people. She read the third year, suddenly so gone, his family was too sad. Dandan is a lively and intelligent child in the neighborhood of the eyes, with honors, she was admitted to the best local everlasting secondary school, and during high school has maintained several ranking before class. Either family members or neighbors, that she admitted to a key university. However nike juvenate womens grey , in the 6 o'clock on the evening of January 22, Dandan's parents suddenly received a school called the phone, said the child drowned in the lake of the landscape in the school. the rescue the teacher can not swim Save lives yesterday afternoon, everlasting Secondary School Principals this explanation. and eye-catching at the stand on the warning signs. But fire pool because the water storage needs, the water and banks of the gap is too large, even if people can swim, it is difficult to climb the shore. At present, the school has been on the fire side of the pool railings to further strengthen a crossing bridges closed temporarily. students and school consultation compensation students said that what the teacher to save the students, not only many scratches, cold windy. Later, his two days failed to come to work, body joint pain, flu symptoms, almost unable to. When the family rushed to the hospital, the doctors nike juvenate mens blue , although still rescue, but Dandan had stopped breathing. After some attempts, the doctor no choice but to declare that she stopped breathing too long, there is no chance of returning alive. Family to bear this cruel reality. A great deal of effort has been poured in her daughter, in order to allow Dandan stay in school environment, they also deliberately rented a house around the school. Before the incident, Daniel has completed the final exam for this semester, the day her mother, she said, and the classmates Liu to go out for a walk, the mother did not expect this, became a mother and daughter farewell. firefighters arrived at the scene, initially with a rope hook and pull, but Yin Dandan Down absorbent heavy rescue failed. Later, firefighters remove a fire ladder into the water nike juvenate sale uk , then Dandan back to. Immediately after landing, has long been such as an ambulance at the scene Dandan sent to the hospital. Until then, where the teacher was pulled Liantuo Dai pulled ashore. He was so trembling, the cuff of the clothes are ice ballast. At this point, the distance he jumped into the water, nearly 20 minutes. regrettable, Daniel ultimately failed to survivors, but the teachers and students still expressed admiration for the heroic rescue of what the teacher behavior . What we are surprised that, where the teacher can not swim, if it is on shore was pulling his own at any time of danger. to Right now, the issue of students drowning, families and schools are still dealing with the aftermath. Dandan's family, said the shore was a lot of people, only one teacher into the water to save people, the family believes that inadequate relief measures in schools nike shox tlx mens black , the delay is too long. In addition Nike Free run 2 cheap, family members also noted that the school's lake landscape as the fire pool, there are security risks in the design, while the rescue process is also problematic, so they want the school to improve work in this area. everlasting Secondary School Principals Tao Ning Jieshao day, 16:30 Dandan has been home from school, and later she and fellow students Liu went back to campus to go walking, climbed over the fence against the waterside embankment, only to slip fell into the water. Because no one in the nearby playground, Liu has been ran to the teaching area to find the teacher. Guoshao Lin, deputy director of the school office, heard, and immediately run to the scene, he ran, while public security nike shox turbo uk , fire and school security to call to organize the rescue, half on the road happened to encounter a teacher of geography Ho Chin. When two men rushed to the water's edge, Dandan prone on the water. Guo Shaolin is supposed to take off the clothes into the water, He Jin said, , he almost instinctively should jump into the water, but the depth and steep slopes of the problem before us, even if the jump, but also can not put out the people. At this time Nike Free Tr black, security, sent a bundle of straw emergency rope originally used on the trees for winter conservation. Ho rope is in the body, without taking off the shoes, they jumped into the water. happened to catch more than 18 o'clock the school day womens Nike Free run, teachers, students nike shox r4 womens all white , security quickly are concentrated over. Although the people on shore trying to put the two in the water to be brought, but was too heavy. Before the firemen arrived at, what the teacher has been to maintain this position in the water, cold, pale and bluish lips shore teacher asked, not want to change individuals. He said the teacher, a person on the line, people on shore do not down. family members still of Outstanding Middle School girls accidental drowning Dandan fell into the position near the shore at what the teacher hauled Dandan, she rolled over. Then always try to raise, make sure that her nose and mouth above the water, several other teachers and security of the shore, then grabbed the rope work together. lips bruising colleagues do not down the evening of January 22, Anhui everlasting Middle Scho.

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