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reasons why you should

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Male organ sensitivity is something a guy takes for granted – until one day he finds that he’s suffered a loss in this area. Member health is crucial for continuing male organ sensitivity at the appropriate level, but when a loss occurs http://www.cheapnflpatriotsjerseys.com/ … er-jersey/ , it may take some time to determine what alterations to a routine are needed. Knowing how to handle a loss of male organ sensitivity enables a man to better deal with the situation.

Determine the cause

The first thing to do is to find out what may have led to this loss of male organ sensitivity. The good news is that very often the cause is not very serious and can be easily remedied.

For example, although statistics are not kept, it’s safe to say that one of the leading causes of loss of sensitivity is rough handling of the member. This can come through either self-pleasuring or partner-based sensual activity (or, of course, both). The manhood is stroked repeatedly with too tight a grip http://www.cheapnflpatriotsjerseys.com/ … ee-jersey/ , or insufficient lubrication is used during sensual activity. This leads to peripheral nerve damage, wherein the nerves cannot function properly – and thus the sensations a man associates with male organ stimulation diminish.

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Work on the cause

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Lifestyle changes may be the answer for other causes. Although quitting smoking is difficult, working with a professional can be effective. Cyclists often find that changing the style of seat they use eases male organ numbness.

And http://www.cheapnflpatriotsjerseys.com/ … re-jersey/ , of course, handling the manhood in a less “enthusiastic” fashion can make a big difference. Using lubricant (and replenishing it as needed) helps keep many a member from becoming raw and sore. Some men find that wearing a barrier protective device, even when engaging in sensual activity in a long-term monogamous relationship, helps protect their sensitivity.

Be aware

Without becoming obsessive, it also helps when a man is aware of what is “normal” for his member. There is some natural variation in male organ sensitivity from encounter to encounter http://www.cheapnflpatriotsjerseys.com/ … en-jersey/ , so having a feel for whether his sensitivity is in its “comfort zone” enables a man to know whether he may need to take steps.

Be proactive

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