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BEIJING Jordan Lukaku Belgique Maillot ,May 8 (Xinhuanet) -- Another thrilling festival of music and dance. It's the start of summer for the Roma community in Turkey, and on the Romany calendar Thibaut Courtois Belgique Maillot , the old festival of Hidirellez beckons the balmy days of summer. Formerly known as "Gypsies", the Romany are a diasporic ethnicity of Indian origin.

Just as people did centuries ago Belgique Football Maillot , thousands of Turkish Romany people are spending two days celebrating. These musicians are marking the Roma festival of Hidirellez in the old Ottoman capital of Edirne, a Turkish city where their traditions have long been preserved.

Roma tradition holds that fire has healing elements. Although the festival is celebrated by all Romany people in Turkey Belgique Coupe du monde Maillot , it's here in Edirne where the traditions are most keenly felt.

According to research by Gazi University, at least one eighth of the population in Edirne are Romany. And their unique celebration attracts visitors from far and wide.

Tree branches are also believed to bring good health when taken home after the festival. Many visitors agree that the celebration provides a truly unique and memorable experience.


How to get rid of low energy? Human body has a defense system which is always active to fight with different types of diseases Adnan Januzaj Coupe du monde Maillot , toxin and infections that try to enter and harm our body. This mechanism works until the body dies and without this system we cannot live for long time. Getting sick or infected is the sign that our immunity is not strong and cannot act to its complete potential. There are many factors that hamper the immunity of your body and they are:

1. Deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients: Vitamin D is important to metabolize calcium inside the body. Inadequate amount of this vitamin brings disease named rickets. People who have this disease have very weak bones that can break anytime. Vitamin C deficiency brings problem called scurvy which brings swollen and bleeding gums, bruising and swollen joints. Inadequate iron brings anemia and the list continues. This is the reason why you should go for herbal stamina booster remedies.

2. Deterioration of organs: Liver disease named cirrhosis occurs because of liver cells damage. Consuming excessive alcohol is one of the leading causes for this problem.

3. Hereditary disease: This is a major problem where a person becomes helpless. Genes are the major reasons for some health issues. Genetic issues are brought by a coding mistake at levels of DNA. This error brings too much or very little of some proteins in the body that brings problems in the levels of cells. For example Christian Kabasele Coupe du monde Maillot , albinism is the condition caused by inadequate tyrosinase enzymes which causes malfunctioning of melanin, a natural pigment. This is essential for the color of hair Laurent Ciman Coupe du monde Maillot , eye and skin tanning. Inadequate melanin generation makes you sensitive to the rays of sunlight.

4. Cancer: Cell changes in such a manner that makes it to multiply without any control sometimes. For example, when particular types of cells named melanocytes on the skin get harmed by the UV rays they get transformed into a distinct way to develop cells that cause cancer. The obvious cancer on the skin in the form of tumor is called as melanoma.

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