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Thousands of people end up with injuries from sports and other fitness activities. Your goal should be to never have to deal with any of these aches and pains and prevent injuries from your workouts.

Of course no one wants to get injured but often you just do not know how to prevent them from happening. Well Women's David Johnson Jersey , I do and soon so will you.

The most common injury is muscle strain. Just because it is common, there is no reason for you to have to deal with it.

The number one tip for avoiding injury is to practice corrrect technique for all exercises. If you are trying out a new exercise and not sure how it is done, it is best to ask someone for help.

Many women learn weight training by themselves which means they are having to learn techniques all on their own. Do a bit of research. I see tons of ladies improperly doing squats and lunges all the time.

Learning technique will not only make sure to prevent injuries but you will also get a more effective workout.

Tip number two, do not over train. Your body needs a break after exercise to replace lost nutrients Women's Pat Tillman Jersey , rebuild and repair itself so keep workouts to every other day, especially if training the same muscle groups. To keep your body strong do not workout for longer than 60 minutes periods.

Over training can be just as bad as not exercising at all. Not only can injuries pop up, but depression and lethargy can occur too.

Tip three, do not lift weights you know are too much. Weightlifting is a progressive sport Rush David Johnson Jersey , you will see strength increase with time. Do not expect to be able to increase your weight 20 pounds in two weeks. This leads to strain and the next thing you know you will be stuck on the couch wishing of the gym.

Tip four, stay energize with water and proper nutrition. Have you ever held off on dinner to get to the gym? Most women have and chances are after your workout you felt light headed and dizzy. This is lack of blood sugar, dehydration and a mix of lost nutrients. Always have a small snack before and after the gym and keep hydrated throughout the day.

I recommend 6-8 8 ounce glasses of water. Stay away from sugary caloric drinks like soda and fruit juices. Also I try to avoid all caffeine an hour before I head off.

And last tip of preventing injuries, listen to your body! If you feel you are doing too much then you are. Take a step back think what is going wrong and fix it. If you feel shin splints coming on Rush Pat Tillman Jersey , which is what I battle with, I know to take a break from running and ice my shins.

If you are already suffering from injuries such as sprains, shin splints, etc Cheap David Johnson Jersey , ice is your friend. Also think about taking an anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen and last REST. Give yourself able time to heal before getting back into your normal workout.

No one wants to get hurt so don't.

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