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BERLIN, April 26 (Xinhua) -- When talking about Bayern Munich's Champions League semifinal opponent Atletico Madrid, Thomas Mueller never mentions words like "goal" or "football festival". The 26-year-old striker instead gives the impression he is talking about a brawl in a dark corner of the school playground.

"We can imagine what will happen. We will have to deal with several smaller or bigger provocations and taunts. We know about the special role of the ball-boys at Atletico and the influence of Atletico coach Diego Simeone. A lot of things might happen that are beyond what is permitted," Muller predicted.

Bayern defender Benatia compared Atletico's arena Vincente Calderon with hell: "It will be like that and very complicated in general."

Juan Bernat is pinning his hopes of a fair game on the shoulders of the English referee Mark Clattenburg: "I hope they will clamp down on Atletico' s aggressive game." The German tabloid "Bild" predicted: "The coaching zone will turn into a swearing zone" after Atletico Simeone and Bayern coach Pep Guardiola are regarded to be hot-tempered.

At the same time 45-year-old Spaniard Guardiola and his squad are emphasizing that they are prepared for the highly charged atmosphere in Madrid. Therefore their game plan contains solutions like self-control, a strong will to make it into the final and to fight back.

"We can be hard too," Mueller said with a broad smile in his face. In this moment, he might have been thinking about his teammate Arturo Vidal, who is adored by Bayern's fans as their "football warrior" as he is the Bayern's hard man. After some problem to get adjusted to Bayern's special game style, the midfielder has adapted to the new environment.

"We know Atletico has a lot tough no-nonsense players for whom the game is a matter of life or death. Therefore it will be a difficult job, but we have developed into a strong team with a great spirit as well," Arturo Vidal said.

Bayern's second important task, next to the one to stay cool, is to break through Atletico's rock solid defense. Having only conceded five goals in this season's Champions League campaign, "This is what makes them one of the strongest teams in Europe," said Bayern defender Javier Martinez.

In the quarterfinals, 2015 Champions League winners Barcelona were unable to break down the wall, and was eliminated. Now Bayern will have to try to do better in the first leg. After all Bayern's team has scored 28 goals in the Champions League so far. "Solid work at the back and good ideas up front will do the job," Bayern captain Philipp Lahm said.

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