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1. Spikes
While a lot of golfers love metal spikes on a shoe Steven Stamkos Black Jersey , they have the chance of rusting and must be taken care of diligently to prevent it. Also, they?re harder on the grass then other spikes. Rubber, ceramic, or carbide spikes can be pricier, but it?s worth it. A great option is a pair with removable spikes, because this makes them easier to clean as well as longer lasting Kids Nikita Kucherov Jersey , because you can replace the spikes before the shoes.

2. Material
The material of your shoes needs to be two things: Breathable, and waterproof. When you?re out on the course, running into wet grass is likely to happen sometime, and regular, non-waterproof shoes will get soggy and leave you feeling such. However, it is equally important to have shoes that breath Kids Ryan McDonagh Jersey , as you?ll be walking a lot, possibly in the heat, and dry comfortable shoes make all the difference.

3. Fit
Just because you know your shoe size doesn?t necessarily mean you?re ready to buy your shoes. It is essential when buying golf shoes to try them on, and see how they fit. Ignore the shoe size, and pay more attention to how they feel on your feet.

4. Type of Shoe
Golf shoes come in all shapes, sizes and varieties. You can get normal golf shoes Kids Steven Stamkos Jersey , golf sandals, or even the rare golf boots. Many golfers prefer the sandals to shoes because they?re still made for golfing, but they?re much cooler obviously and as long as you stay out of wet grass, comfortable.

5. Support
The sole and heel especially should give you plenty of support. This is important because when you?re positioning your golf stance, an uncomfortable or unsupported shoe can alter it and put off your game. Golf can be a precision sport, and golf attire can be a contributing factor.

6. Durability
Golf shoes aren?t cheap Womens Nikita Kucherov Jersey , and you?ll be using them in harsh elements, so make sure they?re durable. As said before, they need to be waterproof, but the material itself should also seem sturdy and strong. If you?re an adamant golfer, you mat want to invest in a few pairs to preserve your shoes longer.

7. Balance
It?s important to be able to feel secure on your feet. When trying on shoes, see how your balance is in them. Balance is a crucial part of golf and golf stance Womens Ryan McDonagh Jersey , so in addition to support and comfort ability pay close attention to this element as well.

8. Wardrobe, Style, and Brand
Last but not least, make sure your new shoes go well with the rest of your golf attire. Also, if you?re into brands then there are plenty of great golf name brands that make really nice shoes. Look up some reviews online and see what sort of golf shoe is popular if you?d like to be up with the recent style.

9. Ask Around
Even with all of this advice, the best review you can get is by asking fellow golfers and friends. A lot of golfers have a certain shoe or brand that they rely on Womens Steven Stamkos Jersey , and may have a good recommendation for you. However, just because shoes work well with one person doesn?t mean they will with you- make sure to try on any shoes you plan to purchase and test them out for yourself.

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