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"You always believe in hard work"

"You always believe in hard work"!cheap jerseys from china
When I saw the title of the book for the first time, I felt very surprised: did the education I received for so many years teach teachers and parents wrong? Is it really useless to work hard? I finished reading this book with a puzzled mood! Honestly, after reading, my mood is very complicated! As the title suggests, "we always believe in hard work", thinking that everything will work if you work hard! In reality, efforts are only part of the conditions for success. cheap jerseys from china
In fact, Ah He did not say that efforts are useless in the book, but simply that "doing" should not be considered the only condition for success!As the preface says, "As long as you work hard enough, you can certainly go to Peking University!cheap jerseys from china
"As long as you work hard enough, you can learn something!" "As long as you work hard enough, you can certainly buy a house in Beijing! cheap jerseys from china
"Once upon a time, there was always someone on the ground. Our ears say, "As long as you work hard, you will succeed." But what is the truth? Often, the truth is very sad and you always have trouble achieving the desired results! Well, from that moment on, I fell into the self-denial of "I failed because I had not worked enough."cheap jerseys from china
Over time, you have accepted your "facts" mediocre, lost your passion and no longer wish success. Taking my example, I started this course in English from the college and my results in English have always been the last. I worked hard to learn English, the time to learn English is twice that of other subjects! However, whatever the result, my results in English did not exceed three years of college, the most impressive being that I already passed acheap jerseys from china
59-point English test to find a teacher, because there was a multiple-choice correction, more deductions A point, I want to pass a pass of 60 points, but the teacher did not give me this point ... After, even in high school, English was weak and can not more being. cheap jerseys from china
During the college entrance exam, English scores are broken.When He said, "Most people exaggerate the role of hard work, not to say that efforts are in vain, but that you take your efforts too seriously.cheap jerseys from china
If you succeed by effort alone, it is easier for brick blockers only for you! "I am particularly empathetic when I say this sentence. If you want to succeed, you need a lot of other external factors besides your efforts! "There are many hard working people in the world and how successful are they? Ahe believes that in addition to efforts, success requires methodological support, judgment of the evolution of the situation, the discovery and efficient use of resources and mastery of the internal logic of successcheap jerseys from china
factors that are more important than success in order to succeed. able to do so and therefore success has always been a minority.In our opinion, Ah He should be considered a successful person. Let's take a look at Ahe's introduction. The 2003cheap jerseys from china
Guangdong Middle School Entrance Examiner graduated from Tsinghua University. In 2010, the company created a second company to provide global Internet marketing services to small and medium businesses and services to hundreds of businesses in the Pearl River Delta area. In 2015, we created the public account. WeChat "Workplace Charging Po", 6 With over a million fans, it has become the largest online micro-course platform in the workplace in China. "Pure and Successful People In this book, Axi accurately cheap jerseys from china
analyzes the factors necessary for success, taking into account all aspects.When we deplore the impossible success of others, remember that you are you, it is him Just like the people who are successful in our minds, Bill Gates, Li Xiang, Mao Wei and others, their success, in addition to their hard work, also includes factors you can not think of, a good education, an intelligent mind, the timing of entrepreneurship, unique talents ...Seeing it here is not very sad! What is the use of hard work? Please, do not need it, just because we do notcheap jerseys from china
have other paths to success, we can only choose to work hard! Even if we can not make someone successful in our lifetime, we can enjoy the same kind of happiness as successful people! Although the current society, most of the time, the accumulation of money, or the importance of the right in the hands cocheap jerseys from china

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